Should we trust the essay services?

As a former student, or even for those current ones, I knew then how heavy writing essays are as a part of the academic curriculum. We all started with writing easy essays such as a review for the infamous poem “Trees” by Joyce Kilmer but as time passed by, we were aware on how difficult it was to submit one out of the hundreds we had to pass per year. I was a science major so essays were the ones I was in a relationship with.

It was very hard considering at the time, we never used plagiarism checkers and manually checked for grammatical errors (I graduated back in the 90s) and the other know-hows of people back then. In this generation though, with a simple click of a button, especially for programs like CopyScape and Turnitin, you can already check for grammar and spelling errors as well as have the application analyze whether or not you copied something off from other written papers.

How to choose a reliable essay writing service?

Getting back on track because you already know the modern version of writing an essay, you may want to know information before choosing a reliable essay writing service be it companies that provide post-graduate or college descriptive essay writing service, here is a criteria based from a team of experts in our BRANDNAME that would help you in your need of essay(s) written:

What about the price?

To choose a reliable company to get your paper written, the first step is to check the price. As a student, the essay writing price will play a heavy role in your decision making whether or not you will avail their services. There are some websites which offer cheap prices for good quality essays such as the 7$ Essay and our BRANDNAME if you wish to avail our services.

Honestly, it depends on your country really. Pricing will vary depending on your country unless other companies from different parts of the world will allow you to avail their essays for a cheaper price; however, you must also take into account that just because they are cheap does not guarantee high quality essays.

How to maximize the price?

This is quite simple. There are several things you have to look at to maximize the price you have to pay for:

Difficulty of your task

I will be realistic with you, majority of the essays written by different companies all over the world mostly raise their prices due to the difficulty. If you are a science major and need an essay written about physiology or biochemistry then be prepared for a costly essay.

Subject matters which need time, especially effort will be more costly than regular essays such as writing a reflection, conclusion etc.

Is research being done?

Research can be categorized into several types. One of them is meta-analysis. As a cardiologist, I know for myself that writing essays about literature or even history will be very difficult for me since my research forte is mostly on hearts and their function. Though you may want writers who have backgrounds on your field, it cannot be avoided that there will be times the ones who will write your essays were the only available writers to do them.

Another thing about research is that materials are costly. Usage of laptop can increase electric bill much like with wifi for phone bill. Take note, not all journals are free too. It is in the discretion of the writer on whether or not they will buy the journals just to write your piece and in the scenario that they should buy them off (of course, piracy is an option but out of respect for those who had the trouble of writing them, we buy the journals), then you, as the client, must respect the company’s decision to put a heavier price on the task.

It is also not every day you will encounter writers who will dedicate a lot of their time just to satisfy your needs since there will always be scenarios when some of their work would be “half-assed” or of mediocre quality.

Appreciation is key so is understanding why some pieces are too pricey to write.

Did you provide the sources?

Much like the first one, as a client, one of the best ways to reduce the price is to provide the writer the sources. Not only will this decrease the price because difficulty lessens but will give the company, especially the receiver, understanding of which writer needs to be assigned to your task.

You really cannot blame the customer representative because it is their job to only receive the paper and have someone categorizes them based on the field assigned but providing more information, especially sources will help them select better and you, as the client will be able to receive your paper in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Who are the writers?

This is very important in choosing whom to write your essay. As a student, you want to maximize your budget on the best writer who can write your task even though it can be unavoidable that someone not in the field to write your paper.

Well, as a client, you can demand additional information on the quality and qualifications of their writers such as if they are native speakers or have a PhD on writing and the like. Choosing your writer will have a direct impact on the quality of the paper they will produce and will tell whether or not their services are worth to avail.

Even if you do ask the company additional information on their writers though, they will never tell you that they are underqualified. If you are okay and fully trust what the company has to say about their writers then so be it but if you wish to truly maximize out the price you had to pay for availing their services then we highly recommend you look at the “Customer Review” section (which will be discussed in the next portion of this work).

Customer reviews

Here is the thing, different companies have their own unique principles and one of those principles is whether or not they let their clients review the services they had availed. Though, it is mandatory for them to post reviews, some companies tend to hide them away due to fear of losing current and potential clients. If you encounter this in a website (unless they are new) then we suggest you stray away from availing their services.

A good essay writing service providing company will never fear having people review their work because you will know then and there that other than they provide good services, you will also know that their writers are qualified to do your task.

One thing you have to be wary about though is that some of the reviews are fake so just take the time to look at all of them and see if any of them contains enough substance for you to trust the company.


Ah, deadlines. Every students and employees’ fear. This might be one of the most important criteria a company for essay writing services must do well in. As a student, you want your order to be done well and delivered on time. Much like the quality of writers, always make sure to check if they deliver their papers on time.

Some companies have a remedy for writers who take a while to do the task and that is to make sure their clients have enough days (or can be extended) before the due. Some companies might require a one week requirement so should any revisions be done, they can be dealt with swiftly.

Another thing about deadlines is that you really have to communicate properly with the customer service representative. Miscommunication is an ingredient to failure so always make sure that the company has a 24/7 customer service representative.

Well, that is pretty much all I can teach you. If you have any doubts then always feel free to do additional research on how to choose the perfect essay writing company to do your task, but remember, we always got your back. If you want us to help you as soon as possible, contact us now!