Why College Food Is Actually Ruining Your Life

January 28, 2019 0 By admin-thenodietobesitysolution

Have you ever tried the college cafeteria food unhealthy? The United States of America is one of those very few countries where young children are said to be obese in a large number, and the core reason for it is unhealthy food served at school, college and university cafeterias. The food and drinks being given to college students are prepared with low quality and expired ingredients, which is why children develop obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, and other psychological problems at an early age. Why college food is ruining your life? The possible reasons for this are as follows.

A limited number of options

One of the main college dining hall problems is that students are provided with a limited number of options for food and drinks. For instance, burgers, pizzas, soft drinks, and traditional foods remain available, but when it comes to buying fresh juices or fruits, students are not provided with any of these options, which is why they buy what is available at the canteen, and this impacts their health by the whole.

Expensive food being sold

When you visit a university of meal plans, you will get to know that the prices of eatables are high. In most situations, students are unable to buy their favorite eatables, and they are forced to buy what is cheap.

Low-quality eatables and drinks

The food at university dining is mostly of low quality, and this causes various health problems among young people. They are to pay heavily but the quality is always low, and the ingredients used in these eatables and drinks are not up to the mark.